Orlando, FL

Orlando, Florida

The forerunner of TLC began business in Orlando in 1955. Since then, our firm has changed from a partnership to a corporation, grown to a peak of more than 400 employees and been a part of landmark projects, working with amazing clients. Perhaps the words of one of our founders, Ed Lobnitz, say it the best - "Through the ups and downs of the economy TLC has always managed to land on our feet. TLC's people continue to be what makes our firm strong. When you join TLC you aren't just joining a successful engineering firm, you are joining a family who strives each and every day to assure our design efforts will positively affect future generations to come."

TLC Orlando is much like the City Beautiful – multi-faceted and diverse, offering services for every building type, from hospitality to healthcare, institutional to theme parks and education at all levels and specializations. TLC Orlando led the sustainability movement in Florida with the state's first LEED certified project in 2003 and has built on that knowledge through the years. Specialty operating groups in the Orlando office include:

  • MEP / Structural Engineering / Energy Services for commercial and institutional clients
  • Healthcare Operations for inpatient / outpatient care and treatment, research and training, infrastructure and community-based healthcare
  • Communications & Technology providing high tech solutions for security, audio-visual and voice-data systems

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255 S. Orange Ave.
Suite 1600
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: 407-841-9050
Fax: 407-425-7367

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On Sustainability: "I had a profession, but now I have a cause... We have it in our ability to save mankind. If a building is just a little bit green, it's better than not doing anything at all." 

Kim Shinn, Corporate,
TLC Team Member

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