Mission Critical Engineering


Delivering 24/7 Support to Crucial Operations

Uninterruptable operations require dependable and efficient solutions. Corporations require critical reliability for continuity and to honor client commitments, health care providers must constantly and reliably care for their patients and government agencies must protect the public during emergencies – all in safe, secure environments. Reliability, flexibility and energy efficiency are project goals that require experience, understanding and TLC's integrated approach to engineering solutions. By identifying user groups’ expectations and needs for disaster recovery early in the process, TLC engineers facilities that accommodate immediate needs and are flexible to provide for future growth. Regardless of your facility location and climate, we analyze options to achieve energy efficient and reliable, redundant operations, with demonstrated success at all Tier levels. Let TLC’s experienced engineers and BICSI-credentialed RCDD team develop a plan for your future critical operations.


"TLC shows how it values its employees by helping them realize and achieve their career goals. There are numerous in-house training sessions and educational opportunities available to those wanting growth beyond their current position." 

Chuck File, Orlando,
TLC Team Member


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