Senior Living


Essentials in Senior Living Facility Design: Safety, Convenience, Comfort and Accessibility

TLC creates sustainable senior living environments with efficient building operations and long-lasting systems that offer residents a comfortable home. Our innovative designs support resident dignity and independence, while assuring safety and security, such as living spaces that are divided into "neighborhoods" of resident rooms. The neighborhood concept provides a home-like atmosphere that encourages social interaction. Our senior living facility expertise also includes designing these components:

  • Separate wings to address multiple levels of care, often with color-coded accent walls to allow for easy navigation, and centralized nursing stations.

  • Automatic doors at key building entrances with security system monitoring capacity.

  • Wander-management systems.

  • Digital-addressable voice fire alarm systems that issue emergency "live" voice notification messages.

  • Emergency call systems with 24-hour, on-site response.

  • Central nurse call systems that can provide direct pager/text messages to assigned staff.

  • Twenty-four hour, manned security kiosk/gatehouse with an integrated CCTV and access control monitoring station.


“It’s an amazing feeling to look across the skyline of downtown Orlando and see so many buildings that I’ve worked on. To know that I’ve helped our city move closer toward its energy reduction and sustainability goals makes me very proud.” 

Kristy Walson, Orlando,
TLC Team Member

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