Engineering to Keep the World Moving

TLC connects communities by engineering efficient transportation infrastructure that demand 24/7 operation and have exacting security requirements, coupled with widely fluctuating occupancy. Whether we are designing energy-efficient pre-conditioned air systems for airports, engineering rail stations or creating terminal facilities that accommodate the largest cruise ships in the world, we have the expertise and resources to successfully complete your transportation facility.  TLC coordinates with numerous state, local and federal agencies who have jurisdiction over operations in transportation facilities, plus tenants, ranging from airlines and cruise operators to the myriad of retail and food and beverage concessionaires. Systems in these facilities require built-in flexibility to support expansion and integrate with existing control and monitoring components, in addition to unique security needs. TLC addresses these demands by assuring that:Central energy plant development is designed to meet current and projected demands. Building systems respond to operational considerations. Electrical interface designs for security, master clock, informational displays, signage and baggage handling are coordinated with specialty consultants. Adequate lightning protection and grounding systems are in place to protect critical electronic information systems. Special power requirements support the facility’s transformers at the loading bridges.


TLC recognizes the value of education and provides flexibility to employees like me who are furthering their education. 

Kim Jowers, Jacksonville,
TLC Team Member

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​TLC specializes in engineering building systems for airports to provide passengers with comfortable and safe travel experiences. We design seamless passenger movement through secured areas, complying with Federal Inspections Services (FIS), Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), Transportation Security Administration and other strict and rapidly changing requirements.

​Dominic Cacolici, PE, leads TLC’s aviation market. Dominic applies his passion for engineering by collaborating with teams to identify design measures that result in energy-efficient and safe airport operations, while maintaining comfortability for the traveling public and workers. He consistently exceeds expectations set by the myriad of agencies that have input and approval over airport facilities, including the FIS and CBP.

TLC is a leader in the unique analysis and design of pre-conditioned air (PCA) systems. The video below highlights our innovative PCA system design at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport that saves airlines nearly five million gallons in fuel and $15 million in fuel costs. These achievements are a result of a centralized plant that supports each of the airport’s 73 jet gates with both heating and cooling, eliminating the need for aircrafts to run their engines while parked at gates. Design innovation combined with minimized environmental impacts contributed to the project earning both regional and national recognition in ASHRAE’s International Tech Awards.

​Let TLC’s experienced engineers customize a design that maximizes energy efficiency and improves air quality for your next aviation project.



TLC approaches cruise terminals with thoughtful consideration of the budget, timeline and potential construction challenges. Our engineering professionals are experienced with identifying and resolving potential permitting roadblocks before they progress into issues. And we work closely with our architecture and construction partners to provide cost-effective and energy-efficient designs.

TLC designs cruise terminals that meet cruise clients' unique needs such as handling more passengers and adding cruise line operators. TLC recently designed the structural and building systems for Cruise Terminal 1 at Canaveral Port Authority. The terminal processes the largest cruise ships in the world, with passenger and crew counts well over 6,000, and simultaneously accommodates both embark and debark operations. One of the design innovations of this award-winning project is a 10-foot-wide, 1,500-foot-long loading bridge that uses an innovative series of miniature split wall mounted HVAC systems to cool 28 different sections of the bridge. From start to finish, the new terminal was delivered in just one year to support the arrival of Oasis class ships, the world’s largest and longest passenger ships.


​TLC delivers the right combination of skill and innovation to meet the increasing demand for mass transit infrastructure, including light rail, commuter rail and passenger rail stations. We design structural and building systems to integrate transit stations into the communities they serve, increasing value to the surrounding neighborhoods and driving economic growth by connecting businesses to commuters and new customers. TLC has engineered stations for a several transit lines, including Tri-County Commuter Rail, Amtrak, SunRail and Brightline (All Aboard Florida).