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Innovative Entertainment and Retail Solutions

Theaters, performing arts centers, museums, restaurants and retail stores are a TLC design specialty.  Our design portfolio ranges from upscale shopping malls to intimate community theaters and from chic restaurants to institutional food service space.

We understand the challenges of engineering large public buildings and the intricacies of specialty lighting systems, acoustic design, vibration control and back-of-house requirements. Working in partnership with specialty consultants, TLC meets the demands of these complex facilities by delivering innovative designs that feature:

  • Long-span structures that integrate an extensive amount of technology and building services while providing a quiet, comfortable and vibration-free environment.          

  • HVAC systems for large-volume performance halls that regulate air velocities to meet stringent acoustical requirements and prevent building systems from interrupting or reducing sound quality.         

  • Sound and communication systems that are isolated from production lighting and power systems to prevent electrical disruptions.

  • Systems that control humidity, temperature and acoustics in exhibit areas and provide UV filtering where artifacts are involved.



"The family-friendly atmosphere and the great people that work at TLC make you feel like home. Every day feels like working with family and friends who really care about you personally and professionally." 

Vanessa Bermudez, Miami,
TLC Team Member

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