Shareholders Meeting

​TLC’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

TLC’s annual shareholders' meeting was held on April 20 and April 21, 2018. This meeting provided a platform for TLC’s Board of Directors and shareholders to collaboratively discuss key initiatives aimed at strengthening the company’s brand while yielding an improved level of service to our clients. The unique perspectives and diverse skill sets of our shareholders greatly contributed to our overall plan to create a more sustainable world for the present and the future. We look forward to continued progress in the coming years.

Wayne Allred, Scott Ashton, Ralph Baeza, Santiago Beron, Tara Bleakley, Neal Boothe, Dominic Cacolici, Mark Costello, Emily Crews, Bill Daly, Cory Duggin, Lawrin Ellis, Anthony Esposito, Jim Ferris, Ryan Fryman, Mark Gelfo , Michael Giordano, Erick Gonzalez, Moncef Hadiji, Jason Heffelmire, Carl Jenne, Jeffrey Lindquist, Brian Lomel, Cheryl Maze, David Miller, James Mullen, Taw North, Christopher O'Hara, Cole Parkinson, Vince Rea, John Riner, Ben Roseborough, Rania Sadrack, Brett Sands, Michael Sheerin, Mike Steward, Jeffrey Stone, Gerald Versluys, Kristy Walson, James Wamsley, Rafi Wartan, Aimee Weiner, Matthew Wiechart, Dalia Wright

Not Pictured:
Robert (Mac) Coble, Ben Cole, Bob Danner, Aaron Johnson, Steve Kemp, Gary Krueger, Anthony Molinaro, Chris Mouer, Justin Mulhollan, Jim Peterkin, Jorge Reyes, Steve Shelt, Kim Shinn


TLC is proud to have earned our JUST Label, reflecting our commitment to sustainable business practices. Similar to a nutrition label for food, JUST is a transparency platform that informs about an organization’s operations, financial and community investments.