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ENR SE Names TLC 2016 Design Firm of the Year!


In the May 16, 2016 issue, the editors of ENR SE announced their selection of TLC as Design Firm of the Year, along with firm rankings for several categories in the design and construction industry. Click here to read the article.  Our thanks to the many architects, contractors and building owners whose trust positioned TLC for this recognition.

Accomplish More with TLC’s PEAK Institute 

PEAK Institute, or PI, is TLC’s new technical resource center for high performance building design. PI, led by recently appointed PI Director Brian Lomel, PE, LEED Fellow, CxA, WELL AP, is focused primarily on challenging TLC staff and clients to embrace new building technologies and systems and solve the technical challenges of incorporating those technologies into designs. PI positions us to make the most of our collective expertise to drive innovation and creativity into our designs. So, whether your project is in our backyard, or across the country, or around the globe, we’re ready to share our PI to benefit us all!

PI Can Help You:

  • Learn About Emerging Trends in the Building Industry
  • Solve Unique Technical or Demanding High Performance Project Challenges
  • Apply New Building Technologies and Systems