Infrastructure Planning

Transforming Visions into Reality

Your vision is huge and the challenges many when planning for years ahead.  Let TLC help you plan for efficient construction and operation.

Whether it's an undeveloped site that will become a bustling hospital campus, or tight urban property that has the potential to grow into a "city within a city," planning is key to the long term success and efficient distribution of utilities.  Designing a Central Energy Plant capable of expansion as the project develops, focusing on highly efficient processes and potential utility rebates or phasing development on a more modest pace and determing efficient distribution across the campus, while planning for future expansion and technologies, TLC is your partner in envisioning the most appropriate path.    


“Doing energy analysis and commissioning for TLC allows me to make good buildings even better. This is full-speed saving-the-planet type stuff.” 

Steve Samenski, Deerfield Beach,
TLC Team Member

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