Resiliency / Disaster Preparedness

Disasters occur, be they natural occurrences or man-made. Facilities being designed to survive is a requirement; facilities that are able to operate on their own can mean the difference between life and death.

For more than 60 years, TLC has engineered buildings resilient enough to withstand the rigors of hurricanes. As our firm grew and expanded, so did the weather-related requirements for the facilities that we design. From simple common sense decisions like elevating all equipment in flood prone areas, to heating sidewalks to minimize ice and snow build up, to the more complex considerations of designing public use buildings that must double as storm shelters in a variety of climates, TLC designs have proven themselves weather ready. More complex issues evolve with special-use buildings – verifying a hospital has a tested, proven emergency backup power that is ready to go and assuring personnel safety in federal buildings by incorporating requirements for anti-terrorism/force protection, which impact all building systems. TLC designs for the future – and taking into consideration the potential for man-made mayhem or natural disasters is factored into what we do every day.


TLC recognizes the value of education and provides flexibility to employees like me who are furthering their education. 

Kim Jowers, Jacksonville,
TLC Team Member

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