Functional Building Systems and Occupant Comfort 

TLC provides fundamental and enhanced commissioning of HVAC, electrical and water systems, focusing on assuring that the building systems are functioning as envisioned and designed. 

Our experienced commissioning authorities, certified by the Associated Air Balance Council Commissioning Group (ACG), review the building's systems specifications and work with the design and construction team to confirm accurate installation and operation.  For enhanced services, we're a part of the team throughout design and construction, plus confirm that your staff knows how to properly operate and maintain the building systems.

We also provide existing building commissioning, restoring building operation to the original status. Existing building commissioning often identifies low-cost operational and maintenance improvements that can improve the building performance. 

Let TLC's experienced and dedicated commissioning team enhance operation of your facility.

  • Fundamental and Enhanced Cx
  • Document and Verify Basis of Design
  • Develop Cx Plan
  • Submittal Reviews of Cx Systems
  • Verify Equipment Installation and Testing
  • Develop Operations Manual
  • Verify Maintenance Staff Training
  • Retro-Commissioning (RCx)


“Doing energy analysis and commissioning for TLC allows me to make good buildings even better. This is full-speed saving-the-planet type stuff.” 

Steve Samenski, Deerfield Beach,
TLC Team Member

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LEED Certified