Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling is Both an Art and a Science

Energy models are used throughout the various stages of design for many purposes. 

Early in schematic design 'shoe box' models help refine the building massing, orientation, glazing and more.  As the design progresses, the model becomes more sophisticated.

TLC's energy modelers typically use IES Virtual Environment (VE PRO) energy modeling software to accurately model the relationships among building systems and incorporate design strategies to achieve maximum efficiency, both in the model and in implementation.  Our experienced energy modelers include BEMP-credentialed engineers with specific training in this powerful tool to provide:    

  • Energy simulation analysis comparing the building's design energy usage with the ASHRAE Standard 90.1. TLC predicts energy use via a 3-D computer model that analyzes building envelope, HVAC, plumbing, and lighting system options and compares alternatives.
  • An integrated design approach that embraces savings by closely coordinating building systems and evaluating various energy efficiency strategies.


"At the 17-year mark with TLC, I still love my job! It’s like a box of chocolates every day; I never know what I am going to get!" 

Mary Reis, Healthcare,
TLC Team Member

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